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Cal Vet Center Succulent Garden

Oxnard Historic Farm Park Cactus Garden


Oxnard Historic Farm Park


All of the cactus was donated from a large garden nearby.  
In one year, these will all grow to be happy and healthy.

View from the opposite side of the entry driveway.
It's nice to tie in a garden with the rest of the landscaping.

Lots of rock top dressing and rubble was brought in to complete the garden.
It really makes a statement to add top dressing.

Lori, the creator of the garden!

Ann Frank Succulent Garden


300 mile round trip to Escondido to buy plant material

100+ succulents

1500 pounds of rocks

1 yard of dirt

69 man hours

Before the Work Began

Lots of colorful succulents

Working Away!

Diggin in the Dirt!
We had some BIG trees to deal with, so working around the roots was a challenge.

We are always happy when working in the garden!

Rocks arrived

Wednesdays hard workers!

So thankful for all my friends who like to play in the dirt with me 

It's hard work holding up that tree.   You go Girl!

Sansaveria always does well in shaded areas.

Love the colors of the Agave Quadricolor

Potted plants are a great way to add features to a garden.

You can never have too many boulders

Lots of colorful succulents and River Rock ribboning.

Finished landscape.  (Need to go back and take a better photo)
Happy Clients!


Aeonium Mardi Gras
Aeonium Merlot
Aeonium plum petals
Aeonium Sunburst
Aeonium Zwartkop
Agave lphantha quadricolor
Agave medio-picta alba
Agave Blue Glow
Aloe Blue Elf
Aloe cameronii

Cotyledon Silver dollar
Cotyledon Lechuga
Crassula Campfire
Crassula lycopodiodes
Crassula platyphylia
Dudley farinosa Live Forever
Echeveria Agavoides
Echeveria Andromeda
Echeveria Fred Ives
Echeveria harmsli
Echiveria Hortencia
Echeveria hybrid
Echeveria ruby slipper
Portulacaria afra variegate Elephant Bush
Sedeveria Sorrento
Sedum Aurora
Sedum adolphi Firestorm
Sedum rubrotinctum
Sedum Vera biggio

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Victoria Succulent Garden

Victoria Succulent Garden

A temporary home for a friend. 
Updating the front garden to go with the beauty of the home.  

The front entry needed to look pretty as you are entering the home.

Next to the entry walkway, leading into the front door.
Left side of the driveway

Garden art to add a bit of Whimsy
Beautiful Sculpture leading into up the walk.
Before the transformation. Definitely needed some sprucing up
Definitely needed some cleaning up
Left side of Driveway - Before re-landscaping

Chaucer Place Landscape

The re-landscaping of Chaucer Place

Going from a backyard landscaped with grass, trees and bushes
Drought tolerant shrubs and Succulent Tapestry.

Love the Greenhouse!
To be filled with the collection of little succulents the homeowner has been cultivating

Reduced the turf to a small area for the grandchildren to enjoy.

Job completed and ready to be enjoyed.

Succulent Tapestry filled with a rainbow of colors, textures and shapes

Adding the final touches

Some wonderful colors from Oasis Water Efficient Gardens

All the drought tolerant shrubs bought at Waterwise Botanicals waiting to be placed in position

Working on the DG pathways and placing all the boulders

Loading all the tapestry plants into the backyard

Couldn't have done it without the aid of our little helper!

Another great Landscaping job complete!

The Bennington Landscape Project

From Start to Finish

Design and Drawings
While working with the design of the house and the neighboring homes, we came up with a plan to incorporate the feel of the neighborhood while water consumption by 50%.

We applied for the bewaterwise turf removal rebate. 
This is a Southern California rebate, but your area might have a similar rebate.
Note, you must wait for approval before starting your project.  Once you receive approval you have 6 months to complete, so start the process early.

The home originally had approx. 2,000 sq feet of turf and a lot of water thirsty plants. 
While some of the planters had been already converted to succulents, there was still a lot of room for improvement.

We then applied weed killer to the lawn area, which took a few applications to kill the last weed.   After applying the week killer to the turf, you want to keep watering it so the roots will die also.  This was about a month process. 

After all the dead turf was removed and the trees trimmed and one removed, 3 truckloads of universal blend soil total of 23 yards was dropped off from Agromin.  After 8 hours and two workers, the three large piles of dirt was spread out onto the areas where the succulent garden will be installed.

Next was a trip to Carlsons Building Materials

Boulder Delivery!  The delivery man was nice enough to place all 2 dozen boulders for me!
I gave him a nice tip :)

Boulders delivered and all placed!

All the 500 new plants have been planted.
Just have to rework the older succulent areas on either side of the driveway.

After one day at it's new home, this cactus rewarded us with a beautiful bloom!

  Received the remaining rock we needed.
Now we just need to find some help!

Starting to add some of the design details

Found some helpers.  I take them at any age!
They especially enjoy separating out some of the piles that got mixed up with the burgundy, black and gold rock.

We were lucky enough to have 11 workers on Sunday.
Got all the rock put in place, just ran out of  the burgundy lava and had to order more.

The sod has arrived!

Two thousand square feet of sod installed today.

After a hard days work.  Finished and cleaned up!

After a few more hours and a bit more rock, we are 99% done.
Will we ever be completely done????


Please post a message and let us know what you think..............